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We aim to achieve the following objectives:

First: To activate and improve the performance of our ports to provide services efficiently and at the lowest prices in order to reduce the cost of freight, loading and unloading so as to ensure our exports competitive prices and provide the consumer with our imports without overcharging costs.
We must change the current view that measures the efficiency of the port with the revenue it generates to a far-sighted measure of its contribution to national income, the creation of new jobs, the reduction of the cost of goods and the improvement of the image of the State.

Second: Second: Developing and activating the national carrier (Sudanese Maritime Lines) and supporting it by all means to be able to own and operate a suitable naval fleet to play its role in transporting our exports and imports.

Third: Attention to maritime cadres and maritime education and training, by establishing a naval academy that graduates officers and engineers to destroy the Sudanese merchant fleet.
In addition to benefit from scholarships offered by the International Maritime Organization and other relevant bodies.