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Marine Safety

Maritime Safety
In the field of maritime safety:

It is well known that maritime transport is a global industry closely linked to the outside world and therefore the maritime state has many obligations and tasks to be carried out towards the international maritime community.

Tasks of the coastal State:
Determination of the maritime boundaries of the State under the Convention of the Law of the Sea of ​​1982 (inland – regional – economic – free). Regulation of navigation in territorial waters – Search and rescue – Informing the maritime transport community of the dangers of navigation in the territorial waters.

Flag State Functions:
Applying the international standards stipulated in the international conventions to the national vessels flying the flag of the state and ensuring their suitability to the sea in all respects so that these ships are not subjected to seizures in foreign ports as sub-ships.
Port State Control Functions:
Which means inspecting foreign vessels that visit our ports by properly qualified and qualified inspectors to ensure that these vessels comply with international standards for maritime safety and pollution prevention and carry the certificates of seaworthiness required under these agreements.