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About MAD

. The Sudanese Maritime Law of 1961 stipulated the establishment of a commercial maritime
department under the supervision of the Minister of Transport to regulate, control and
supervise the commercial maritime.
. 1972 Sudan signed the agreement establishing the International Maritime Organization (IMO)
. In 1978, the International Organization sent a special envoy to develop a vision for
establishing a maritime administration in Sudan.
In 1986, a number of captains and engineers were sent to the International Maritime
University in Sweden to be the nucleus of the proposed maritime administration.
In 1989 and based on the Sudanese Maritime Law of 1961, the Minister of Transport
issued his decision No. (8) for the year 1989 to establish the Commercial Maritime
Authority to organize, supervise and control the commercial maritime activities.
In January 2012, a presidential decree was issued to merge the Commercial Maritime
Authority under the name of Maritime Supervision Department.