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Maritime Security Workshop

Date: 3/24/2020 AD
Mr. Director-General
By Mr. / Deputy Director General Operations

May peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you
Subject / Report on the workshop of the International Maritime Organization
Maritime security from 8-12 March 2020


Within the framework of technical assistance provided by the International Maritime Organization through the organization’s technical assistance committee, which Sudan has demanded of its right to develop the capacities of maritime cadres, a self-assessment workshop for ports has been established for the competent authorities of the security committee, the concerned authorities, security forces and relevant authorities in light of this matter, thank God.

After her support for this important workshop, it took place, thanks to God, and its results were great in light of the security awareness of all the authorities and what is renewed in light of the theories that accompanied the application of the Maritime Security Code. The participants who were nominated to implement the International Ship and Ports Security Code and a copy of the International Code have been owned as a reference for all learners and it is a training course for trainers, and we can start from this course through those who have been involved to train all employees of the Sea Ports Authority from this course.

A large dose of learners was taken with the knowledge of the International Code for Ship and Port Facility Security and providing participants with a way to deal with this code.
Participants in this course can make strategic plans for Sudanese ports by self-effort and then submit to the relevant authority which is the maritime control and then raise the update of plans at the site of the maritime organization GISIS. Thus, Sudanese port plans are updated by national cadres.

3. Acquaintance was made between the various parties, which was reflected positively in the exchange of roles and ideas and in improving the quality of security for Sudanese ports.

4. The head of the delegation was Captain / Ali Haider, who is also the head of the compulsory maritime audit team, and he met with him at the headquarters of Maritime Control and was acquainted with the efforts that took place in light of Sudan fulfilling the requirements of maritime auditing and promised to be in contact with the Maritime Control and provide the necessary assistance. And that he could come to Sudan after a period of time to achieve full compliance with Sudan, after working out the directions that he gave to the Maritime Control.

5. The number of participants in the workshop is about 40 participants from the relevant authorities.

Work for the success of the session The logistical role of marine ports and the directives of the senior management have had an effective impact on the success of the session from preparing the hall and the services accompanying the success of the session. The training management, media management and public relations department and all who participated in the success of this international event were praised.

Upcoming courses: At the request of Sudan, there will be other courses in different fields, as requested by Sudan in building capacity for Sudanese maritime cadres.

Recommendations: The team leader recommended taking care of the participants and directing them to make an effective presentation in supporting the maritime security of the Sudanese ports.

The team leader recommended the use of some of the actors from the participants by assimilating them to the authority to help in improving performance and benefiting from their great experiences.

There are observations for the surveillance cameras, and they should be more effective through several observations made by the delegation, and they were recorded by the two operating officers of the southern port.

The team of the organization to conduct security exercises at least every three months on all scenarios of security training.

In conclusion, we hope to pay tribute to the senior management for its patronage and coordination of this major international event and its role in developing the security of Sudanese ports and thus the development of the economic capabilities of Sudanese ports.

Thank you very much ,,,

Captain / Sid Ahmed Abdel-Ghani El-Ahmady

  Director of the Maritime Control Department

  General Register of Ships and Sailors


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